Customers feedback


" I have a lot of fun using the app on the phone,

it shows me what to do and encourages me when

I am successful, Mom and Dad do not get angry at me and I get to do somthing fun on the weekend

if i did good all week. "


Vered and Michelle, Uri's parents:

" For the first time since Uri went to school we do not deal at all with telling him what to do in regard to getting ready for school. he doesn't forget his lunch at home, nor do we need to make sure he is ready to go to school.


The house is much more calm, and not yelling at him or being angry every single morning really did change alot, our morning looks completely different now that Uri is using the app "


Tami , Avichai’s mother: 

“The application brought to us happiness and pleasant atmosphere in the mornings that are generally harsh."





"I am happier to wake up in the mornings with

the mobile app and music, I am glad to accumulate points and receive a reward at the end of the week

I think I am doing the tasks much faster."