Meet The Team


Eran Dotan Rosenberg

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Advisory Board


Chief Executive Officer at Vigilant Technology Limited since 2010

In 2001 Eran Co-founded Outsmart Ltd. and served as its COO and CTO. 
Eran also Co-founded CTWare and served as its R&D Dev Manager

Bsc in Math & Computer Sciences MBA from IDC

Dori Rabin

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CEO & Founder


Technical leader with more than 15 years of experience in development of software in the ed-tech and telecom sectors focusing on big data analytics and learning management systems.
He has BSc in Computer Sciences and an MBA.



Dr. Anat Zaidman

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Assistant Professor in the Department of School Counseling and Special Education at the Constantiner School of Education, Tel-Aviv University.  Dr. Zaidman-Zait's research has focused on parental stress and coping processes among parents of children with disabilities.