Empower the child by teaching daily organization
skills and creating a stress-free family environment

What is


Funtaskid is an app that aims to help children with ADHD and their families, with organization skills and accomplishment of daily routines.


The app assist in improving and maintaining a stress-free family environment and empower the child with a sense of independence.  


We work hard to ensure a great user experience,

while covering the full learning process  including

mobile & wearable technology, gamification and big data analytics, and aim to become a significant  player in the educational and healthcare application market.



Parents plan the

daily routines

Add /Update /Delete

Tasks for morning or

night routines

Children are getting organized with the routine game

accumulate points & rewards on each success

Parents get reports & recommendation

reports and push notifications to improve the daily routines

Funtaskid Highlights

Mobile & Wearable Technology:

The mobile app game can even be extended via smartwatch technology to provide a much more advanced tracking system and user experience .

Full Coverage of daily routines:

parents and children works in collaboration from planning to execution to tracking and learning to improve the daily routines.

Big Data & Cloud Analytics:

Children's progress is tracked analyzed and converted to reports and recommendation

Designed for children:

Personalization gamification and kids friendly centric design that motivates the child

The pain

"All parents of children with ADHD have heard the routine about routines: Kids need structure, and children with attention deficit need even more. The keys to getting the ADHD organization help you need: belief in the power of family routines and a long-term commitment to them.


You've heard it before: Set up a morning routine for ADHD children to get out the door on time. Make sure homework happens at the same time and in the same setting daily. Do something fun to unwind before a regular bedtime.On paper, this seems pretty basic. But when you're raising a child with real attention difficulties in the real world, setting and maintaining such routines can seem downright hopeless.


Yet there is hope — even happiness — in sight.Many well-intentioned parents enthusiastically start out to establish the structure their children need. Yet many throw in the towel after a few weeks (or even a few days) because the routines are not working. "Billy just won't listen. He doesn't want to go along with it. Every day becomes a battle, and we're all worn out. Is there something else we can try?" Usually, routines don't work because parents give up too soon. To make structure truly effective, routines need to be seen and implemented not just as simple behavioral strategies, but as a way of life "

Peter Jaksa, Ph.D.




we are looking for families with children ages 6-11 (with ADHD or without) to test our app.


if you would like to join the project and be one

of the selected few to test and help us improve our product, please contact us in the section bellow.

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Please feel free to contact us regarding any question you might have.
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